Our A.I. Android Brings

Old Leads Back To Life

We take the old leads you’ve given up on
and turn them into sales using A.I. and SMS

How Is This Different


We re-engage your prospects with SMS to start a conversation.

AI Android

A.I. takes over, qualifies them and gets a call booked with your sales team.

Your sales team takes over on the call and converts more prospects into sales.

The Result

Using SMS combined with A.I., we can pull out $10K – $100K in sales from leads you have already paid for and given up on – all on a performance basis.

Without spending any additional money or having your sales team learn anything new, our A.I. Android gets a 30% response rate, of which 10% book a sales call with your team.

You are literally sitting on a gold mine in your leads database – we help you mine it. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Android Results
A.I. Sales Android

Old Leads

We import your old leads into our system and get them re-engaged and booking calls with your sales team.

A.I. Integration

Our system plugs into your CRM and pushes re-engaged leads into your sales team’s dialer for a call back, either right now or a day or two in the future.

Performance Basis

Our system drastically increases sales and decreases overhead. We only get paid when you get paid – no upfront cost.

Are You Qualified?

We’re helping a handful of businesses take their unconverted leads and generating 5-6 figures worth of sales with our ChatGPT Sales Android.

In order to work with us on a performance basis, you only need a few things.

If your business is qualified, scroll down to book a quick demo to see our A.I. Sales Android in action.

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A.I. Sales Android Demo

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